Design vs Development
Published: 30th Dec 2019

When it comes to explaining the difference between web design and web development, we like to compare it to the relationship between an architect and a builder. You wouldn’t build a house without a decent set of blueprints and nor should you start building a website without a solid, well thought through design in place.

In short, web design focuses on the aesthetic portion of the website, such as the user interface (UI) and also the usability, or user experience (UX). Web developerment focusses solely on the back-end of the site and the work required to make the site function as it was designed to do.

Web design is where we come in! It is the carefully thought out process of collecting ideas and presenting them in such a way that ensures the website is visually compelling and easy to use. The overall look and feel of your website is what we help to create. This is important as your site is a key part of your branding and the design needs to consider and be reflective of your existing brand materials. User experience is also a key part of our considerations when developing the design of a site, as a confusing, hard to navigate site can drive people away and hurt your brand. A website is such an important marketing tool which allows you to give a good first impression to potential new customers and establishes credibility. We work closely with our clients to create a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing design which they can then take to their own web developers (builders) or use our trusted and experienced development team, to bring the design to life. Either way we work closely with the developers every step of the way, ensuring the final, functional website produced is exactly as we imagined it.

However planning a website for the first time can be daunting and overwhelming, there are many elements to consider which if not handled correctly can negatively impact the success of your site. Luckily, here in the Greenhouse, we have lots of experience in this area and can help guide you through the requirements of a successful site:

Layout We will create a balanced layout that ensures all information is displayed in an easy to read and visual pleasing way. We will also take into consideration how the site will look on different screen shapes and sizes. This is called responsive design.

Navigation We will create a simple and clear site map so that the website is easy to navigate so that users can find the information they are looking for easily and quickly.

Colour palate Using existing brand elements, teamed with our knowledge of what will look aesthetically pleasing, we will create a eye catching colour palate to suit your content.

Fonts Some fonts are not always recognised by every web browser and other fonts can be hard to read. We will help select fonts that suit your design and work well across all platforms.

Graphics This includes logos, icons, animations etc. We can either create your design using your existing graphics, modify them accordingly, or create new ones if required. 

Photos We know that the quality of photos used on a site have a direct impact on its success and as a result will guide you on what we think will give you the most professional outcome; either designing the site around your existing photos, sourcing suitable stock imagery or commisioning a photographer on your behalf. 

LOVE our new website! You have just captured exactly what we wanted!
Heather Waddell - Practice Partner, The Veterinary Centre
We love the way you've captured what’s trending at the moment with regard to the product looking individual and home-made with love - it looks a lot more friendly, warm and engaging on the shelf.
Jane Maywood - Biobeet Kvass
Ash and her team are a great asset to the Corporate Events Team at St John WA, with their ability to create some amazing graphics and branding that not only fits in with our organisation’s branding guidelines, but also offers us a different look specific to each of our 36 annual events.
Christina Blake - St John WA
Ash is a very talented branding and graphic designer. I continue to choose her for a variety of client projects because she can rise to any challenge with a well-thought-out design solution. She is easy to work with and accommodating to requests – nothing is ever a problem as her skill set spans a wide variety of collateral mediums and purposes.
Kelsey Turner - Kaiza Media
Greenhouse Studios are the perfect design agency - excellent interpretation of a brief, superb art direction, talented design and very nice people!
Cate Turner - Psaros
I had a great experience working with Ash. She is very creative and conscious of her clients needs. We are all very happy with her designs.
Martín Nobillo - PetroAus
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