Let's talk about font!

We live in a visual world and this applies to typography as much as it does to images and graphics. Typography adds power to your brand and provides aesthetically pleasing content that captivates your audience and encourages them to read on. You might be surprised to learn how many things you need to take into consideration when using fonts. For example:

Fonts can evoke emotion

It’s true! Font choice is a very effective and powerful way to unconsciously convey a strong message about your brand and connect with your audience, therefore the choice of typeface you use in your designs shouldn’t be random. It’s important to think about the demographic you want to connect with, as well as the message behind your brand. Understanding that will allow you to make a font choice which sets the required tone and speaks to your key audience.

Less is more – usually

The general rule is not to use too many fonts and styles, as that can look messy and overwhelming to your audience. If it isn’t visually appealing, your audience will likely turn away. First impressions count so you want to make sure you captivate your audience and create a long-lasting good impression. However, there is always an exception to the rule and a professional designer will not only know when it is appropriate to use several different font styles – to create hierarchy; displaying copy in ‘bite-sized chunks’ and ensuring all the important information is easily seen – but they will also know how to mix and match fonts in a way that is visually pleasing and does not distract from the key messaging.

Work out your hierarchy and alignment

If you have a lot of text then you may want certain words or messages to stand out to your audience. This means you should spend some time working out the best order to put your text so it fits well, makes sense, emphasises your key points and still looks aesthetically pleasing. With this in mind you will also want to ensure the alignment of the typography also works so the text is arranged nicely and easy to read. This can be quite an overwhelming and frustrating process if you aren’t sure what you are doing so it is worth investing in a graphic designer who has the knowledge and tools in place to do this for you.

Don’t stretch fonts!

Font creation is an art form in its own right and great care is taken to the details of the individual font, such as set measurements and shapes of the letters. Stretching the font to make it bigger will make it appear distorted. Not only will this diminish the quality of your design but also it could make your brand appear less credible. Graphic designers have access to many different font libraries so will be able to find something that matches the look you are after.


Brand consistency is so important. This also applies to your typography. Take the time to make sure font size, type, colours etc are consistent and make sense. Not only will this make your brand look professional but also it will show that a lot of thought and care has been taken, which will strengthen your brand.

It may seem small but the use of typeface can pack a punch if it is used in a well thought out way. You can communicate so much through your selection of font for your brand and projects. This is another reason why getting a professional graphic designer’s advice is so important!

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